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AdScale for Agencies

Grow your agency’s e-Commerce business

Deliver better results to your customers while reducing time & workload with AdScale’s unique advertising technology

Automate your Services with AdScale’s Digital Advertising

Automate the campaign creation and optimization process on Shopping, Search, Facebook & Instagram. Analyze customers’ cross-channel advertising performance on one dashboard and Increase the number of managed accounts per employee.

Analyze & Segmentize your Customers’ Store Data with AdScale’s DataBox

Save hours of tedious work on manually analyzing the store data, building customer lists, and generating performance reports. Use AdScale’s Business Insights (BI) technology to give your customers a complete picture of their store performance, including KPIs, business insights, recommendations, customers’ segmentation, products segmentation, audience builder, and more…

Easily Acquire New Customers with AdScale’s Store Audit Report

Offer prospects a free store audit report as part of the sales process and use that to impress them with business insights, KPI’s and actionable recommendations taken directly from their store data. Turn prospects into customers and gain their trust by defining an advertising plan that fits their store’s needs.
Take your agency’s digital advertising to the next level!